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Magazine Reviews for The Spirit of Water
  • Creations Magazine - USA
  • Healing Today - USA
  • Conscious Living Magazine
  • Well Being Magazine
  • Rainbow News Magazine - New Zealand
  • Nova Magazine - Australia
  • Nexus Magazine - Australia
  • LILIPOH Magazine - USA
Review in Creations Magazine by Rachel Marks - New York USA

It is rare to find a book that appeals to both your right and left brain. Uniquely, science, philosophy and metaphysics and skillfully woven together in this easy to read package on a fascinating topic. Building on Masaru Emoto's ground-breaking research on frozen water crystals and consciousness, Lawrence Ellyard delves deeper into its application in daily life and global implications. Through a combination of captivating images, fascinating facts and worldwide water supply, its healing and religious aspects, meditations and traditional wisdom, he reveals our interconnectedness with this precious resource, and how we can relate to water and thus our world. Included are never published Ice Crystal images and pioneering research results. Recommended for the die-hard skeptic.

Review in Healing Today - USA

As a long time admirer of the work of Professor Masaru Emoto, I was delighted to have the opportunity to read Lawrence's book. 'The Spirit of Water' is well-written in an easy to understand Style. it explores in great detail the different aspects of Hado (the universal law of resonance) and how they affect us all in our daily lives. The book includes some stunning new photographs of water crystals and the visible effects that positive and negative emotions can have. It also has exercises and simple experiments which the reader can carry out for themselves to improve the quality of water. Lawrence's research into water and consciousness, and how our thoughts and actions influence water is to be applauded. To do this book full justice in review would take far more space than allowed, but suffice it to say that this is a very important work, and one which I feel should be widely read.

Review in Conscious Living Magazine - Australia

If you've read and enjoyed Masaru Emoto's The Hidden Messages in Water, you will be thoroughly fascinated by The Spirit of Water by Lawrence Ellyard, which carries on from Emoto to explore the evidence in crystals to attest to water's response to words, music and prayer. If both our bodies and the planet are 70% water, how affected are we by conscious thought? Ellyard is the first English speaking author to write about the phenomenon from a Western perspective. This title includes new Ice Crystal images published for the first time. With a foreword by Emoto, The Spirit of Water delivers the secret message in water for us all.

Review in Well Being Magazine - Australia

Taking the subject of water to a deeper level, Lawrence Ellyard explores the implications of water's daily use in our lives - from the quality of our drinking water, its healing properties and its use in our diets to the religious relationships humanity has encountered with this essential resource throughout history. By performing simple exercises to improve the vibrational quality of water, Ellyard says we can develop a new view of how we can relate to it and our world.

Review in Rainbow News Magazine - New Zealand

The book The Spirit of Water - The hidden message for all of us follows on from the work of Dr Masaru Emoto, celebrating the qualities of water, and highlighting the way we affect water, and therefore ourselves and the environment, with our thoughts, words and intentions. The book features 45 ice crystals photographs, including previously unpublished images, and also includes results of the world-first double-blind study on the effects of remote conscious intention on water. Lawrence Ellyard takes Dr Emoto's work deeper and explores the practical application of 'Hado' - the universal law of vibration and resonance - in everyday life. He covers every aspect of water, along with simple, but profound, exercises to improve the vibrational quality of water, and also explores the religious relationship humanity has had with water throughout history.

Crystals of Truth - Featured in Nova Magazine

The hado of water is a timely metaphor for our lives, suggests Lerae Rowney.

Water. It is fascinating to think that as Earth is a virtually closed biosphere, the same water that existed on the planet millions of years ago is still here in one form or another. The only natural substance found in all three states - liquid, solid and gas - water is constantly being reused and recycled as it changes form. Perhaps the water you drank today flowed in the Amazon River thousands of years ago.

Essential for survival, we drink it, cook with it, bathe in it, swim in it, wash with it.

While covering much of our planet, around 97.5 per cent is salt water, 2.09 per cent is frozen and 0.4 per cent is fresh. Yet just 0.01 per cent of that fresh water is directly available for drinking and much of this is not considered clean. And the United Nations estimates that more than 4000 children die each day as a result of a lack of clean drinking water.

Once revered and worshiped for its life giving properties and as a symbol of purity, today water is mostly taken for granted, and often wasted.
How and when did we lose our spiritual connection to what is sometimes referred to as the medicine, and also oil, of the 21st Century? After all, we can survive without oil, but not without water.

Is our relationship with water in need our nourishing? Undoubtedly, says Lawrence Ellyard in The Spirit of Water - The Hidden Message for all of us: The more we can begin to foster a relationship to water as something sacred, the more this responsibility will be engendered and, collectively, with increased awareness, we can not only improve the quality of water but also improve the fair consumption of this precious resource."

Ellyard was trained by Masaru Emoto. Renowned for his ice crystal research and photography proving that water reacts to positive and negative stimuli including words and phrases, images, sounds and even thoughts, Emoto described the subtle vibrational energy of the universe and all within it as hado, a Japanese word meaning wave or vibration.

Others have sought to explain, quantify and validate this concept. First recognised by Christian Huygens in the 17th century through observing clock pendulums, the phenomenon of sympathetic resonance or entrainment (the law of attraction) proves that a resonating vibration will affect another vibration and cause it to respond at the same tone, level or frequency.

More recently, Deepak Chopra, in Power Freedom and Grace discusses the quantum universe and the "on/off switch" for pulsing energy that permeates everything and, in fact, creates our reality.

Emoto's ice crystal photography is compelling; the images alternating between exquisitely beautiful, unsettling and downright chilling. Backed by double blind experiments, it is impossible to ignore their implications. Water exposed to positive words, images or music (for example, John Lennon's "Imagine") forms beautiful, structured crystals, while water exposed to negative stimuli (such as profane heavy metal music) either does not form crystals or displays distorted, fragmented, jagged ones.

"If our thoughts can do this to water, imagine what our thoughts are doing to us...to others and our fragile world," says Ellyard, who believes his mentor's work has enormous implications. "We are metaphorically at the tip of the iceberg and as we delve deeper into the potential each one of us holds, we will learn more about water and how we can collectively create peace in our time. This is the true Spirit of Water and the hidden message it holds for all of us."

Indeed, his book's title refers to the concept that "our consciousness or spirit can be imbued and carried by water". In it, Ellyard underscores and advances Emoto's findings by presenting methods for the practical application of hado in our daily lives and how we may benefit ourselves, others and the planet through an attitude of positivism and gratitude.

"Most people agree that the ice crystal of love and gratitude is one of the most beautiful and balanced formations. If the hado of love and gratitude can do this to water, imagine what love and gratitude can do for us. If we look at ourselves as constituted mostly as water, aligning with the hado of love and gratitude is a direct and positive way to raise our vibration.

"To thank water before we drink it and to feel gratitude for its life giving properties is an attitude we all can share. It is from this place that we can once again honour water and likewise ourselves. It is this mind of gratitude which creates an impetus for change," says Ellyard.

Strangely, while I always bless my food, it had never occurred to me to bless water, yet it makes spiritual sense. Water, like oxygen, is vital for life - and it is worth reflecting that water is, after all, composed of oxygen (and hydrogen).

By giving thanks for what sustains and nourishes us, we return positive energy (hado) to the collective consciousness of the universe, thereby nourishing it and all within it, ourselves included.

As such, I see Ellyard's conclusions as a metaphor for how we relate to ourselves, each other, all living organisms, the world and the universe at large. His timely, if controversial, message is compelling and inspiring.

Philosophical and practical in equal measure, The Spirit of Water ultimately cannot be ignored on a number of levels - scientific, physiological and spiritual. While I feel the book would have benefited from reversing the order of its two sections, and presenting the hado and spiritual side before the drier (no pun intended) scientific side, it is truly a handbook for healing ourselves, others and the planet.

In addition to describing the chemistry and properties of this vital and precious resource plus current issues of pollution, scarcity, supply and usage, and placing water in an historical and spiritual context, Ellyard reveals how it is affected by stimuli and adds practical advice on how to tap into its healing powers.

Of particular interest are the chapters on the sacred geometry of the hexagon and number six in nature (and, therefore, religious and cultural symbolism), and the significance of this shape forming the heart of ice crystals (and also honeycomb cells).

Practical and useful topics include why we should filter water both for consumption and bathing, storage of water and why glass and ceramic is best, why drinking distilled water (most soft drinks contain this) is not good for you, and why we need to energise water, not merely purify it, and how to do this easily and quickly.

As for companies cashing in on the ever increasing demand for bottled water and the energy used to make plastic containers, Ellyard is thought provoking: "Imagine how dramatically the world would change if this same amount of money was invested in cleaning up our water sources and creating sustainable sources of pure water."
The final chapter, "Practical Hado Exercises", offers meditations and affirmations. An accompany CD is available, narrated by Ellyard, which includes the hado water blessing meditation featured in his book.

In closing, Ellyard offers Emoto's Grand Invocation: "May the eternal energy of the universe by crystallised in truth here and now, for the era of great harmony has come."

Review in Nexus Magazine by Ruth Parnell

Western Australian author Lawrence Ellyard is a student of pioneering Japanese water crystal researcher Masaru Emoto, whose books Message from Water and The Hidden Message in Water with their amazing photos of water crystals have inspired millions to appreciate water in a new light. Dr Emoto has written the foreword to Ellyard's book The Spirit of Water, which continues the exploration of hado - a word Emoto uses to describe the universe's subtle, vibrational energy. It was Dr Emoto who suggested that Ellyard write the first definitive hado book from a Westerner's perspective.

The fundamental meaage is that water is a medium that receives, stores and transmits information, manifesting consciousness in physical form. Imbuing water with positive or negative thoughts and then freezing it results in a picture of captured beauty or chaos. Water from polluted sources looks ugly and distorted in crystallised form, whereas water from clean and positive sources has elegant symmetries. Knowing this, and the fact that the body contains around 70% water, means that what we think, say and do affects the water content in the body and hence our health.

Ellyard, who qualified as a hado practitioner two years ago, takes the reader on a magical and sometimes confronting tour that shows what these extraordinary water crystal images can teach us about ourselves and the world around us. He covers the science of crystal formation, the hexagonal structure of water molecules (akin to that of snowfakes), sacred geometry and symbolism, sympathetic resonance, and the hado of health and happiness, among many aspects. There's also a powerful environmental message in this life-affirming book.

Review in LILIPOH Magazine by K Williams
Spirit of Water by Lawrence Ellyard, is a blessing and a worthwhile book.  Written both reverently and with careful attention to scientific orientation, the whole impact of the book is the raise the vibration of the reader.

The author is a student of Dr. Masuru Emoto.  He gives a friendly and informative narrative to bring you the benefits of the research being conducted on the subtle properties of water.

Underneath the material manifestation of everything, is “hado,” or the energy field.  Dr Emoto discovered a way to photographically capture the ways that hado is impacted by intention and then expressed in the material world.  Lawrence Ellyard does a wonderful job of extending the teachings of Dr Emoto into a more complete understanding for the western reader, including practical and personal applications for you in your life.

There are many pictures of ice crystals not previously published. The contrast between “mother’s cooking” and “fast food” as informed water crystals are intriguing.  Also in the book are references to sacred geometry that bring clarity to a subject that often is too cryptic to be absorbed––but not in this book. Using references to various faith traditions, myth and scientific experimentation, a whole picture of the magical properties of water is revealed –– specifically, hexagonal water.

Water forms groupings on a molecular level, and it so happens that the 60 degree angle, shown in snowflakes and other hexagons, is by far the most advantageous for living cells to assimilate.  Dehydration can still be present in cells, even if plenty of water is taken in, if the water is not arranged on a molecular level in the form produced by the best sources in nature. Snow melt water is especially good, but most people have no access to this.  Being swirled in riverflow is also good for impacting water, which is why flowforms work to enhance water’s properties. It turns out that human intention is profoundly powerful in impacting the structure of water.  If your faith is weak, use this book to inform your rational mind.

You have the power to enhance your own well-being by raising the hado vibration in water you use and consume.  This book is a lovely guide for making that happen.

 For more on this book, click here


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