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Reiki Ice Crystal Experiment - Tokyo Japan
As part of our Reiki Japan Tour, the International Institute for Reiki Training had the unique opportunity to visit IHM Research centre in Tokyo where our practitioners participated in a scientific experiment on how Reiki effects Tokyo Tap water.

The experiment follows the unique discovery of Dr. Masaru Emoto. Dr. Masaru Emoto is an internationally renowned researcher and scientist who has gained worldwide acclaim by showing how water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness.

Dr Emoto changed most of what we thought we knew about the nature of reality by photographing frozen water crystals. His research was recently featured in the Movie 'What the Bleep do we know', and his books such as: 'The Hidden Messages in Water', have become world-wide best sellers.

We arrived at IHM and were warmly welcomed by IHM's president 'Mr Hazaka'. Our goal was to observe the effects Reiki has on water and to observe the results under the microscope. Armed with only our 'Reiki hands' we were given the option to conduct the experiment using Distilled water which is far easier to form hexagonal ice crystals, (as its structure is similar to water formed in natural sources) or to take the challenge and see if Reiki could effect Tokyo tap water.

Tokyo tap water has never formed hexagonal ice crystals due to
the heavy chlorine content and distorted vibration or 'Hado' of Tokyo's water source. To obtain an ice crystal from Tokyo tap water using only Reiki energy would be a world first. Not wanting to let a challenge like that slip by, we chose the tap water option.

To conduct the experiment we decided to form a circle and to direct the Reiki healing without touching the water sample as seen below. After only five minutes of directing Reiki energy
to the water we all felt more peaceful and were excited to see if our experiment bore good results.

One week after our return to Australia, we received 'good news'. Our experiement was an great success.

After only five minutes of Reiki directed to Tokyo Tap water, the water was transformed at the molecular level.

Several samples showed ice crystal formations and the crystals seemed to clearly illustrate the brief but powerful water blessing.

One ice crystal in particular showed a seven sided formation. It is interesting to note that seven Reiki practitioners participated in the water blessing and a seven sided ice crystal is very rare.

The results of the water blessing are not shown here on this website (due to international copyright restrictions) but are available for viewing at all IIRT First Degree Reiki seminars. The full results are also published in The Spirit of Water.

The method of blessing water is also explained in detail for those who are interested in learning how to charge water with Reiki energy at our seminars.

For further details about the work of Dr. Emoto and water crystal experiments, visit the following website: Dr. Emoto's website: www.hado.net
To read about the full results of this experiment featured in The Spirit of Water buy the book click here


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